Nutrition - Mid-Day Meals

The Foundation envisions a Hunger Free India. Providing nutritious, hygienic and fresh wholesome meals to children in schools is the first step in this direction. The Foundation provides Mid Day meals to around 50,000 students in about 304 schools in Bhiwandi, Maharashtra and around 100,000 students in 750 schools in Navsari, Gujarat. Of the two modern central kitchens, the one in Padgha, Bhiwandi is 3000 sq ft and the other one at Endhal, Navsari is 15000 sq ft. Both kitchens are ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 compliant. The kitchen staff begins work at 2 am each morning to ready the days meal. There are 56 people employed at Bhiwandi and 130 in Navsari. Every morning (other than Sundays and Public Holidays) 42 vehicles distribute the food prepared from the dust free kitchens to schools within the 100 kms radius in 3000+ stainless steel containers. In Maharashtra, the Mid-Day meal programme is implemented in association with the Thane Zilla Parishad (the district level governing authority). In Gujarat in association with Zilla Parchid, Mid Day Meals Programme, Navsari The Mid Day meal has not only encouraged parents to enroll their kids in schools, but is the reason that kids remain in school. Sometimes the Mid Day meal is the only proper meal the students get. We find them taking some of the remaining food home and we dont mind it, since we know someone hungry is going to get a nice meal. - M. Phadke, Teacher The Foundation is also looking to providing food to more schools to take forward the Hunger Free India endeavor. The Foundation also provides meals to workers at brick kilns and food provisions to ashram-run schools.