Letter from the Founder

Ms. Naik at the Foundation with the Children

Deep down, we are all capable of achieving big things. Sometimes, all it takes is a little encouragement and an opportunity to overcome the odds.

Our family and the Trustees of the Naik Foundation believe in providing that much needed encouragement and the opportunities to the marginalized in our society. We set ourselves a goal, reaching a billion lives globally. Through our initiatives in the areas of nutrition, education, health and skill development, we are on our way to making that a reality.

We are fortunate to be sponsored by the Trustees who believes there needs to be no reason in doing well to the society. The support from the Trustees goes a long way to sustain projects the foundation is involved in. Be it the central kitchens responsible for the mid-day meals or the IT training facilities, the funds ensure that the quality standards of the foundation have been met.

We have come a long way and we still have a long road ahead of us, since inception we have touched up-to 100 million lives. By focusing on the fundamentals for families from the children to the adults, we aim to make the biggest difference either through our nutrition, education, health or skill development programs. And most importantly; we strongly believe in helping the people to help themselves to a better everyday life today and for tomorrow.

For a better tomorrow, we intend to amplify the opportunities and include as many beneficiaries as we can. Our success is measured by the number of people the Naik Foundation has touched and whose lives have been transformed.

Ms. Nina NaikFounder and Trustee, Naik Foundation image